Sunday, July 28, 2013

Precious Patrick

This is Patrick or as most would call him here Wu Yumin. Over the past few weeks, we have formed a friendship. For obvious reasons communication is not a big part of it, but there is something sweet about sitting in silence. I have been observing him as he interacts with Sheldon. Sheldon can be...spirited. But Patrick has a patience with him that others don't. Part of it is circumstances, they are the boys closest in age in their house therefore they tend to play together, but part of it is Patrick's character. Often when I am in the house, Sheldon is jumping around pretending he is Ultraman, but Patrick will come sit next to me, hold my hand, and protect me from any flying stuffed animals that have been defeated by Ultraman.
Recently, I lost our dog Benji. I took my eyes off of him and we think he may have wandered out the gate. We made "lost dog" flyers to post around the area. When Patrick heard about this, he took my hand and asked me if my dog ran away. With a sad look I responded with a nod of the head. Then, in one of the most precious moments I've had here, he told me he was going to find him and give him to me. Of course I did not understand every word of the conversation, but I understood enough of it and the hand gestures filled in the rest.
Patrick is by far one of the sweetest 10-year-olds I have ever had the privilege to know.

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